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AN Interior Summer 2018 Issue - Surfaces Pictorial



Carnegie Fabrics
Bendheim Glass

My Role
Creative Direction: manging photoshoot from beginning to end. Budgeting, sourcing products,  aesthetic concept and vision, storytelling and copywriting. 


Source recently released surfaces architects would spec, while at the same time, expressing the hidden qualities of a seemingly banal product in a pleasantly unexpected visual story. All of the surfaces materiality and texturalization—whether that be glassy, plasticy, and even pleathery—were artfically fashioned by new machined technologies that incorperated some method of 3D printing. For that reason, I developed a sci-fi themed (yet rooted in real making methods) pictorial where instead of being made by these seemingly high-tech machines, the materials were instead scanned in  their 3D form to be rendered in 2D. It was a sort of role reversal concept that plays on the idea of making pysical objects and image-making. 

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